Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Do my hands look dry?

Winter dryness just kills my skin.
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Short lived tee

Check out this rockin' awesome t-shirt! Bedazzled by the hands of a tiny, polynesian child no doubt (straight to the trash for you, my offensive t-shirt!).
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Monday, December 17, 2007

Aciphex... not what I was expecting.

So I don't know if they're pushing this product in your neck of the woods, but out here in Denver there's a commercial running every three minutes for an antacid product called Aciphex.


Say that out loud.

Yes, that's pronounced "ass effects."

I don't know what that brings to your mind, but for me I picture tricked-out booty alterations, like fast and furious derriers with giant wing spoilers and splashy neon paint jobs.

Ass FX.

Here's a look into my mind's eye (as sported by our illustrious president):

Kick ass. No?

This best part of this is that this thing went in front of a room, and nobody had the balls to tell the person in charge that the name is horrendous. You know this went through the channels and then finally met with approval. How many people thought: "Ass Effects? That's disgusting, but the nail that sticks out gets hammered down, so I'd better just keep my mouth shut."

Or perhaps they all thought: "Man, I hate my boss. I think I'll let this thing ride so the world can see what an idiot he/she really is."


Saturday, December 15, 2007

I have succumbed to Facebook.

Well, I finally broke down and joined Facebook. The odd thing is, unlike most of the "tools" on MySpace (search for friends, search by location, events, etc...) the tools and networking interfaces on Facebook actually work! What a concept.

I'm not sure how much I'll actually log on and "interface" (you can get lost in that black hole), but I've at least got the info up there for when people come looking for the music (Dan Beahm and The Invisible Three, DB3, Cats or Cars).

The iLike thing seems to be the music app of choice, but I think it's pretty lame that your Facebook page for your band and your iLike page are not the same (or even linked for that matter). Makes things confusing for all parties involved.

For instances, the above links go to the Facebook pages for each artist, but below are iLike Facebook links to the iLink pages for the same artists (confusing, no?).

Cats or Cars
iLike Cats or Cars

iLike DB3

Dan Beahm and The Invisible Three
iLike Dan Beahm and The Invisible Three

The other frustrating thing with Facebook and MySpace (and this is a Gmail thing): any notifications that come in from either service go straight to spam. And it's infuriating that you can't set up a Gmail filter to place mail in the inbox (only archive, star or trash). WTF?! Who cares if a label or a fucking star was placed on a piece of mail that's in my spam box?! Why can't I whitelist text or a subject or a domain? And I know this is a feature that people constantly write to Gmail about ('cause I do it about three times a week).

Saturday, December 8, 2007

The Stones are haunting me.

So last night we were driving home after the gig in Colorado Springs, and to keep from falling asleep we turned on the radio. First song up was The Rolling Stones, and I just wasn't in the mood. "Change it."

It's a one and a half hour drive from Colorado Springs to home. With last night's snow it was closer to two. Here's the bizarre part:

Now I know that it's been said that I am prone to hyperbole. Yes, Dan sometimes exaggerates, but I have witnesses on this one. For almost two hours, every time we changed the radio station --every time-- the first or second song was either a Rolling Stones song, or made reference to one. And the vast majority of the time it was an actual song (only twice was it a reference).

This was very strange. I fear I am being haunted by Keith Richard's pre-ghost.

drawing by Sebastian Kruger


Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Comin' atcha live on the Internets!

Check it. I'm playing a show with my buddy Jeff Caylor this Friday, December 7, at a place called Nemo's in Colorado Springs. We'll be doing mostly stuff from his new album, Okay (I'm playing guitar, singing, jumping up and down, etc...), but I plan on interjecting a few tunes of my own into the mix (worry not --he's ok'd this).

Anyway... Jeff has set up a web stream for the event, so those of you 1500 miles away (or more) can watch the show live, streaming on the web.

You can come back here and watch the show on the screen above, you can go to Jeff's blog, or you can go to the site that is providing the service. Either way, 7pm MOUNTAIN TIME is going to get you a live show worth tuning in for.

Hope to see you there.