Tuesday, August 11, 2009

New Build: what do you download and install first?

I just set up the new machine (more on that later).

This is what I immediately downloaded and installed (in order):
  1. Updates for OS (Windows Vista Business Ultimate)
  2. AVG (I got burned pretty bad last year)
  3. Malwarebytes (the virus I picked up wouldn't allow me to install this, and it was killing me)
  4. Firefox (IE sucks)
  5. Mozilla Weave (syncing your bookmarks across machines is glorious)
  6. CPU-Z (gotta make sure everything's running alright)
  7. Launchy (why doesn't Windows have this feature automatically?)
  8. Synergy (using one mouse and one keyboard for all my machines is awesome)
  9. Flash plug-in for browsers
  10. Updates for Adobe CS4 (back to work!)
There will be more of course, but those were the things I found I couldn't live without, and had to download immediately upon firing up the new machine.

I'm curious as to what other users' immediate downloads are after building a new machine.


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