Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Find Your MAC Address On Your Windows Mobile Device

Evidently your MAC address is a big, giant secret, because it's nearly impossible to find on your WinMo phone (it's not under any of the device settings).

However, here's the trick:

On Windows Mobile 6.1 and higher, dial #43574357* (I know a lot of these "dial codes" don't work on the Omnia i910, but I can verify that this one does). This code will launch a screen that shows all your device information, including PDA Version, Phone Version, Browser Info, Language, Battery, Bluetooth Version, Bluetooth MAC, Wi-Fi Version, Wi-Fi MAC, Phone Number, MEID, System ID, Channel, ESN, PRL/ERI, Technology, Network, and Capabilities.

On Windows Mobile 6.0, it's just #4357* (I don't know why they decided to duplicate the number with higher versions).



Heidi said...

I've tried both codes in bluebelt, and nothing happened...
I can't get mac address anywhere...
(windows mobile 6.1)

Luís Silva said...


I'm having the same problem on my bluebelt (ZTE). Anyone knows how to get the the mac address?

Luis Silva.

Anonymous said...

How can Microsoft be so fvcking incompetent that you can't consistently and easily find this information?