Monday, April 18, 2011

Adobe Premiere Pro CS4: Disable Audio Clip, Timeline Won’t Play

When working in Adobe Premiere Pro CS4, sometimes when I disable an audio clip to silence that isolated audio (Clip>Enable) the timeline will no longer play.  You hit the space bar… nothing.  You click the play button in the Program Window… nothing.  Actually, “nothing” isn’t exactly right.  The play button does toggle to the stop icon, but only for a few seconds, like it’s trying to play, but then it switches back.
I’m posting this because I can’t find the issue documented anywhere, and I just wanted to let people with the same problem know they aren’t going crazy.
I don’t have a fix, but it happens to me often enough to be an issue.

[UPDATE] One solution (as posted by Greg in comments): find any disabled clips in your timeline.  If two disabled clips are butted against one another, Premiere will not play (obviously a glitch in the program).  Thanks, Greg!

I have had this problem when only one clips is disabled, but hopefully the above works for you!


Greg said...

Same thing here. I have found that it only happens when there are two clips next to each other that are not enabled. So look for all the clips that are not enabled and make sure there aren't any that are butted up next to another clip that is disabled. This has happened since CS3.

The Invisible said...

Thanks for the extra info., Greg!

Anonymous said...

I had the same issue and was searching the whole internet for ages to fix the problem.... till I found the comment from Greg! Thank YOU!

Unknown said...

This is a comment that has often randomly happened to me on prem pro, my only previous fix was to move all the clips to a new project (which is time consuming particularly if you've already done a lot of keyframing.) Thanks for a much better fix.



Unknown said...

this is a problem *