Saturday, January 5, 2013

No MSETUP4.exe File on Canon Install Disk

I recently purchased a PIXMA Pro 9000 Mark II series printer for large format photo printing.

When I went to use the install disk (in case there were any “goodies” that would improve the performance of the printer over just allowing Windows to find the driver online), there was no AutoPlay screen (Windows Explorer simply opens and expands the CD ROM directory).  When I checked the manual, the only information regarding this possibility states:

If the program does not start automatically, double-click the CD-ROM icon on the computer. When the CD-ROM contents appear, double-click MSETUP4.EXE.

However, there is absolutely no “MSETUP4.EXE” file on the disk (before you ask, of course I have “show hidden files” ticked in the Explorer options).  There is no any *.exe file on the disk. There is an XML file in the root folder called MSETUP.plist, but that doesn’t do me much good.

Thanks, Canon.

Manually going through the disk directories, I see that there is an application folder that includes folders for Easy Photo Print EX, Easy Photo Print Pro, Inkjet Extended Survey, and Solution Menu.  Looks like I’m not missing anything.

I’m also assuming I’ll get a more up to date driver by finding it via the web vs. using the one on the disk, so… as usual, the disk that comes with your Canon printer is a complete waste of time.

Thanks again, Canon.

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