Wednesday, January 8, 2014

2014 Colorado Lift Tickets (King Soopers vs. The Web vs. The Mountain)

This post is for reference only (prices will not be current after tomorrow).

I’ve had a HELL of a time finding any specific prices for King Soopers lift tickets, but I just called the service desk (9:30pm) and here is the run down.  Bear in mind, lift ticket prices change all the time (especially depending on time of the season), so these prices are only good for January 9, 2014.  I’m just posting them to give people an idea of how prices might differ from the ticket window on the mountain (most places I couldn’t find any online information regarding what the ticket costs at the window).  These are prices for adult, full-day lift tickets.

  • Loveland: $56 ($61 at the ticket window)
  • Monarch: $56 ($65 at the ticket window)
  • Grandby Ranch: $52
  • Cooper: $40
  • Copper: $86
  • Eldora: $69 ($79 at the ticket window)
  • Keystone (night only): $49
  • Keystone, A-Basin, Breck: $124
  • Keystone and A-Basin: $109

I actually ended up buying my lift tickets for Copper Mountain for tomorrow from Liftopia.  They were $72.  The Copper Mountain web site lists tomorrow’s price as $118 via the web (I assume this is the window price on the mountain, as all the other upcoming days are listed as $72 via the website).  What I learned from this is that Liftopia has the best “night before you go” price for Copper Mountain (better than King Soopers and better than the restort’s website).

Lift tickets have gotten crazy.  I normally buy an Epic Pass, but didn’t this year.  If you go more than five times, the Epic Pass has paid for itself.  In my opinion, Keystone, Vail, Breck, etc. are just too expensive to purchase a day of (or night before) ticket.  I guess that’s good news for places like Monarch and Loveland, which I will be visiting more often (if it snows the night before)!!!


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The do not sell discounted tickets for Eldora anymore.

The Invisible said...

Just wanted to post that I did purchase a lift ticket this year at King Sooper, but it wasn't really a "deal" (though the convenience of not having to go to the ticket window on the mountain was still a plus). A friend came into town last minute, and I didn't have a season pass for Summit County, so I needed to buy a Keystone ticket. First of all, when did SINGLE DAY tickets SKYROCKET to $139?! That's obscene. And though I was able to purchase at King Soopers, it was the same price as purchasing online... which I believe (not 100% positive though), was the same as the mountain ticket window price.