Sunday, June 18, 2017

Hamilton Beach FlexBrew 49983 E03 Error

I recently picked up a Hamilton Beach FlexBrew (49983) at the thrift store for $8.  Not bad for a coffee maker that still costs $90 at Kohl’s, Target, Amazon, etc.

HamiltonBeach49983It worked when I plugged it in at the store, but after a thorough cleaning at home (without submerging!), when I plugged it back in, the display simply read E03.  Sometimes when you get these errors with various electronics, you can plug the machine in while holding down a button or combination of buttons, and the machine will reset itself.  I tried all kinds of combinations, and while I could get the error to change to E08, I couldn’t make it go away.

I assumed the error was a result of water getting in somewhere it shouldn’t have while cleaning the coffee maker, so I waited several days for the unit to dry out.  After three days, the E03 error persisted.

There is no information regarding this error (or any error) on the Hamilton Beach website, and from what I can glean from reports from customers who have contacted Hamilton Beach directly, they won’t tell you what any of the error codes mean.  It seems like Hamilton Beach should post a list of error codes so that people (or at least technicians) can diagnose what is wrong.

Since I couldn’t find any information on the web, I tore the machine apart looking for loose wires or broken solder connections, but I found nothing.

However, while working on the machine, some strange combination of actions “released” a bunch of water from the spout on the single cup side.  The water had not come out when I simply turned the machine upside down, but when I turned the machine over and over while looking for screws to open it up, I must have turned it in a way that allowed the water to come out.

So… it would seem the E03 error has something to do with water being trapped in a reservoir or tube somewhere, and that water can’t be drained simply by turning the machine upside down.  Thus, the “fix” is to turn the machine over and over in all directions,  until water comes pouring out of the single serve side spout.


Smith said...

That E03 error code is an internal error leave the machine unplugged a few hours and then replug it if you continue to get the error the machine needs replaced I turned mine upside down completely drained it of water then set it up right for a few hours and plugged it in and it fixed it

The Invisible said...

So, what you're saying is you didn't read the post, you just wanted to post your own comment? "if you continue to get the error the machine needs replaced" This is incorrect, and why I created this post in the first place. Simply waiting or even turning the machine upside down won't always work. I waited three days and the error was still there. Often you will need to clear the water inside the machine by turning the machine over and over or shaking the water free (like trying to get water out of your ear after swimming).

Unknown said...

E07 can anyone tell me what that error code means

Unknown said...

The solution as you described worked for me as well!! Thank you!

Smith said...

Wow you are rude.

Contrary to your post the web site does give you what the code means as was posted in the reply.
The web site also states if the error persists to replace the unit.
Aparently some may be fixed and some may need replaced.

Smith said...

Hamilton beach coffee maker error code 07

This error code appears when the brew basket overflows or the brewing is too slow.

It happens when:

You have loaded too much ground coffee;
You are using decaffeinated or finely ground coffee. Use a little smaller amount of such coffee or switch to medium ground coffee;
It is time to clean your coffee maker;
If you are using a paper filter:

Coffee grounds are stuck between the brew basket and the filter;
The paper filter is misplaced or closed;
The filter’s edges do not cling properly to the sides of the basket. Rinsing the basket may solve the issue;
You are using a poor quality filter.
Also, the error may indicate that coffee was spilt onto the base.

Unknown said...

You my friend are a genius. It worked for me too. Thank you so much for this 🙏🏼

Unknown said...

Worked for me as well 😁👍

Unknown said...

Regarding the E03 error on the Led screen, I removed the control panel(5 little screws, cleaned the circuit board with a Qtip and rubbing alcohol. Works great now. No error msg.

Unknown said...

I too had the 08 error and was led to believe that my only option was to toss it. Of course the failure occurred a day before we were to have overnight company, so we bought a new Mr. Coffee. I didn't toss it, as I'm always looking for a project and don't like throwing away an expensive product after minimum use. After reading this blog I too turned it over and shook, like I had before. Nothing. I then took out the plug on the bottom (drain for the water holding tank) and out came about 1/2 teaspoon of water. Plugged it in and it was reset, and ready to go! Thanks, and Keep up the good work.

Unknown said...

I've tryed everything by cleaning with vinger to cleaning the needle nothing is working still says err on kcup side been trying for few days now

Fix it said...

Mine too. Kcup side, and just "err" so I took a toothbrush and cleaned the water inlet to the Kcup. Coffee gets pushed up into it and clogs it.

Anonymous said...

Anyone know what E05 is? When I click a button it goes to e08.

Anonymous said...

I have an error code that says load error. Tried unplugging and brewing both pot and singles. Both bee a little then code pops up. Any help appreciated.

Anonymous said...

Thank you it actually worked. Tipping the coffee pot upside. After plugin it back in it worked. 👍

Anonymous said...

I have been getting the E03 code on my HB coffee maker for the past 2 years. I generally got it to work by unplugging for a few hours, but that didn’t always work. Sometimes it just had a mind of its own. However, somewhere on this thread someone mentioned pushing the actual coffee pot upwards as I plugged it back in. That has been working for me the past 2 months. Give it a try!!