Thursday, July 24, 2008

It's Starting: McCain Shows Signs of Senility (or Stupidity?)

As McCain continues to try and convince America that Obama is inexperienced and ignorant when it comes to Iraq and foreign affairs, he proves in a live interview (sort of --and this part is even more appalling) that he is in fact the one who cannot recall, or does not know the time line of the Iraq war.

More appalling (and important, I suppose) is that CBS actually changed their interview with McCain and omitted his erroneous statements regarding the Iraq war.

As reported by MSNBC (edited for YouTube by the JedReport):

ps Is anyone else as sick as I am of McCain running on an energy platform?! Razing the forest and drilling in Alaska and off the coast of California is not an energy plan, it's a continuation of the Bush administration's rape of the ecosystem for personal gain and profit. Who is buying this crap?! (I know who they are, I am just baffled and angered by their ability to ignore reality).

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