Thursday, July 3, 2008

Last Night's Lack of WiFi vs. Tonight's Abundance of Fun

So anyone who tried to tune in last night was met with an annoying blank stare. Turns out The Meadowlark's WiFi was down. Bummer. Apologies. I taped the show, so hopefully we can get some of that footage up on YouTube soon.

Tonight, there will definitely be WiFi, so we'll try it again. Drangefest starts around 5p, but I don't imagine we'll play until later... I may just let the set up run, so feel free to check in anytime between 6p and 9p. You might just get a glimpse of the Drangefest Cornhole Championships!

I'll post highlights at a later date.


The links again are and the window below.

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captain lizardo said...

You are really kicking ass with all of yr new tech. advancements. I love the look of yr new newsletter, by the way. If I was ever stuck inside a video game, like in TRON, I would want you on my team.