Sunday, February 14, 2010

HTC Accelerometer Emulator for Windows Mobile

I seem to have missed posting this VERY useful trick (even though I use it all the time), so here it is.

While the Omnia i910 has an accelerometer, it doesn’t always work with the programs that it should.

Speleomaniac at the MoDaCo forums has come up with a fantastic solution.  Go here and download the zip that contains the three necessary files: HTCAPI.dll, HTCSensorSDK.dll and HTCEmuPanel.cpl.  Place all three files in your device’s Windows directory and then soft reset.  I think HTCEmuPanel.cpl may even have the first two files included these days, so you may not need those for the install.

Go to your Windows directory and open the HTCEmuPanel.cpl file.  There will be a warning about trusted programs, yadda, yadda. Click “ok.”  There will be two more similar warnings to install the HTCAPI.dll and HTC SensorSDK.dll files.

The control panel will open up.  Follow the instructions (set your device on a flat surface and slick “calibrate.”

You’re good to go!

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