Sunday, February 21, 2010

Windows Mobile Device Center :: “No Default E-mail Program” Error Dialogue Box

Every time I fire up Windows Mobile Device Center, it pops up a window telling me I have no default e-mail program installed:

There is no email program associated to perform the requested action. Please install an email program or, if one is already installed, create an association in the Default Programs control panel.

This is clearly not true, as every time this happens I go to the “default program” center in the Control Panel and make sure I have Windows Live Mail selected as my default for ALL THINGS e-mail.  I have also tried choosing the computer’s “email default” from Internet Explorer, just to see if that made any difference.  It didn’t.

So… to reiterate… my Microsoft program won’t recognize another Microsoft program it’s requiring.  I could understand some third-party program incompatibilities, but you’d think Microsoft could at least work with it’s OWN software.

What gives?!

It’s incredibly frustrating, especially considering Windows Mobile Device Center won’t open up until I click OK in the “no mail program” dialogue box.  Thus, instead of being able to just open WMDC and keep working elsewhere, I have to open it, wait for the damn error box, click OK, and then it will open.

I searched for a solution for an hour this morning and couldn’t find anything.  There was promise here, but it doesn’t work.  I went through the steps listed to alter my registry, but it didn’t fix anything.

There are lots of forums and blogs reporting this problem, but Microsoft seems to be ignoring the issue, as there is no response from Big Brother anywhere.



I found that my Windows Live Mail is rather outdated (version 12 something instead of 14 something).  I think it’s awesome that if you click “check for updates” under “help” in Windows Live Mail, you’re taken to a screen capture showing you how to use Windows Update from the Start Menu to check for updates… but then when you do that, it doesn’t check for updates for Windows Live Mail.  Awesome, Microsoft, just awesome.

So I found the latest install for Windows Live Mail (14.0.8092.0805) and am currently installing it.  Warning: the install will try to install a bunch of other Windows Live crapware, be sure to deselect all the garbage Microsoft is going to try and load your computer with.


Installing the latest version of Windows Live Mail did nothing to solve the problem above.


bigcod said...

I have the same issue - let me know if you solve it beofre me :-) and I will return the favour likewise if I get it fixed.
marr_andy @ yahoo .co .uk

Anonymous said...

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