Thursday, April 10, 2008

Why Thursday Might Be Even Better Than Tuesday

I'm a bit of a Thrift Store Whore, but it's rare to stumble across something like this. Cool vintage clothes, lamps, furniture, books, etc... yeah, all the time. I'm always making people jealous with my finds.

But the Millennium Falcon?! Ohhhhhhhhhh. Not to mention the added score of the original Darth Vader action figure carrying case.

It's missing the radar, the smuggler's cargo cover, the blue gunner's seat (the mechanism is there), the chess table, the lightsaber training orb and arm, and the ramp struts (I know that sounds like a lot), but it's got the top cannon, the top cover, the entrance hatch ramp and the cockpit hatch cover, the battery compartment still closes, and she can still make the Kessel Run in less than 12 parsecs... so I'm happy.

It's funny how buying a toy that you wanted sooooooo bad when you were 8 can make you soooo happy now.

I also snagged an Underwood typewriter on the same visit. I'm tempted to build myself a steampunk keyboard, but it's in such great shape that it'd be a shame to tear it apart. We'll see.

ps as far as the keyboard mods go, this is my favorite (industrial, not steampunk; check out those hex nuts and transmission gears; nom-nom-nom-nom)

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