Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Mozilla Thunderbird Wishlist

I am loving my Thunderbird/Gmail setup, but there are some things that I really wish Mozilla would improve with Thunderbird. Here are a few of them...

Mozilla TBird Portable Wishlist:

1. Message Opens in Window, NOT POP-UP!
I have no idea why this bugs me so, but it's like Andie MacDowell lives in Thunderbird.

2. Accepting shared SSL certificates
I check my e-mail securely from my various hosts. However, the SSL certificate is a shared certificate; it belongs to my hosting service, so it doesn't match my domain name. I appreciate that TBird asks me if I want to continue with the non-matching cert, but it SUCKS having to sit there and click "ok" for every pop account that is like this. Why can't TBird remember the certs that I have ok'd so I don't have to click ok EVERY FREAKING TIME? Not only that, but if you get distracted and forget to click ok, your mail server times out. Very annoying.

3. OK-ing Pop Up Messages
Similar to #2. I wish pop-up messages didn't prevent TBird from continuing to function. If I'm doing something else, and TBird pops-up a message in the background, all my mail servers time out. Lame.

4. Cross Account Search and Filter
Why in the world can't you search across accounts and folders?! I can appreciate the fact that there are situations where you might want to search only within one account or folder, but at least an option to search all mail and folders (including Spam and Trash) would not only be nice, but it's necessary. WTF?

I realize there are some add-ons for this, but shouldn't something like this definitely be integrated?

(4/3/8) This is really starting to piss me off. If I know somebody sent me something, I have to manually search multiple folders (Spam, Trash, Inbox, different accounts, etc...) to see if I can find the message. Just make a "search all folders" function, dammit. This is almost a deal breaker. I'm so frustrated right now that I'm considering switching back to Gmail, especially since someone just turned me on to "business Gmail."

5. Remember Recipient's HTML Preference
When you send an e-mail, if you haven't designated your recipient's "HTML or Text" preference in the address book, TBird pops a window to ask how you'd like to send the message (plain text, HTML or both). Why not make a simple "remember this?" check box so I don't have to go into the freaking address book to get TBird to remember how the recipient should receive e-mail?

...more to come as I think of them!

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