Monday, November 3, 2014

Modifying a Tablet Case for Mounting on a DSLR

I recently fell in love with Chainfire’s DSLR Controller (see review here).  This wonderful app allows me to not only use my tablet as a high resolution field monitor, but I am also able to CONTROL many of my DSLR’s functions via the tablet touch screen.

I searched for quite some time to find a good 1/4” 20 thread tripod mount for my LG GPad 8.3.  I thought I had found it in the iStabilizer tabMount, but it turned out the dimension listed by the seller for the maximum size the holder could accommodate was incorrect, and I had to send it back.  You can read about that situation and my review for the iStabilizer tabMount on this blog here.

So I chose the $13 MoKo LG G Pad 8.3 Slim Folding Folio Case for this mod, as the materials are sturdy and the “folio” style case allows the front flap to function as a sun shade for the tablet.

I will have been using this case with my tablet for exactly five months as of tomorrow.  I have been using it as a DSLR mount for around two months.

I think it's probably the best "book style" (folio) faux leather case available for the Verizon LG Gpad 8.3.  I purchased the MoKo over the (extremely similar) Fintie LG G PAD 8.3 Folio Case because the MoKo has two pockets on the inside of the cover. One is large enough to accommodate a couple of business cards or credit cards, and the other is for a sim card or an SD card.

I have made a very simple modification to the case to allow me to use it as a mount for my tablet on my DSLR. I simply drilled a small hole in the center of the back of the case, and using a hot shoe mount joined to a micro ball head with a 1/4” 20 thread extension nut, I am able to attach my tablet to my DSLR hot shoe or camera rig.

I drilled a hole slightly smaller than the 1/4” post so the post would actually thread into the tablet case backing.


20141009_155127 20141103_102231 20141103_102307

20141103_102409 20141103_102423
(the micro ball head and hot shoe mount; note the rubber pad to keep the hot shoe mount from scratching the back of the tablet)

20141103_102447 20141103_102534 20141103_102540



At some point I plan on creating two side support "flags" so that the front flap on the case can function as a sun shade for the tablet when I use it as a field monitor/touchscreen in bright light situations.


MoKo Case Mod for DSLR Camera

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