Sunday, February 3, 2008

Earwig: 21 and climbing

Before I came to Denver I was in the midwest: Columbus, OH, via Champaign-Urbana, IL. Both places had some crazy-good bands, but I've gotta say my favorite had to be Earwig. Those guys work incredibly hard, put on a great show and write fantastic music. As far as hitting it big... it seems they're always almost there. They've had their music used for film and television (most notably the UK documentary NIRVANA : The Untold Stories, and episodes of The Osbournes, The Real World, and Road Rules) and have even been featured on Delta Airlines' in-flight radio.

Every second of every day people keep thinking they are just going to explode onto the scene. I am baffled as to why this has not yet happened.

The latest episode in the saga involves a little website called The Daily Chorus. The site's creator, Tim Towner, had this to say (and then put Earwig at 21 on the site's list of best unsigned bands):
...Some of the TDC staff and I say that this band has a national hit, already written. Thats a big statement but I'm convinced. You tell us.

I want everyone to listen to the song Used Kids. That song is a hit on radio, TV, movies or whatever else you want to put it in. The song has received over 400 spins at a FM station in Columbus [CD101]. The song has been played on Sirius Radio, as well.

Earwig sounds like a cross between Counting Crows, Sonic Youth and Matthew Sweet. This is your 90's alt-indie rock dream.

Oh yeah, this band's other songs are good, too. But "Used Kids" is a national hit. Let's see if TDC can push it. Please add it to your profile, if you like it.

If you don't know Earwig's music, you should. Center of the Earth is their latest release, with stellar songs like "Used Kids," "Outro," "She is a Witness," and "Japanese Girlfriend," among others.

Check out Earwig, and then check out The Daily Chorus website and drop your $.02 to help them out.

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