Thursday, February 14, 2008

Hillary's new video (with lyrics)...

So the "viral video" thing is being capitalized on by presidential candidates for the first time (in any real sense) during the 2008 campaign. It would seem that so many people see any number of fantastic YouTube videos featuring Barack, and can't help but climb on board.

I don't think Hillary's had any material to compete... until now!

I have no idea if this is "officially" approved by the Hillary camp. I assume it's not (but the picture to the left does show that she's getting pretty desperate). The video could have been made by anyone. I kind of hope it has been made by someone clever enough to make it this bad on purpose --sneaky like. Sabotage. Not to tear down a democratic candidate, but because that would be brilliant!

Anyway, here is the worst song you've ever heard, being sung and danced by the squarest group of dorks ever collected in one place (the flute player happens to be my personal favorite). The people in this video put Comicon to shame (those guys at least have flava --these people are the most melba toast humans I've ever seen!). It's kind of like a mix of Kenny G, Free to Be You and Me (not in a good way), and Vanilla Ice.

Hillaryous (woo-hoo, I joist coined a word that will now sweep the nation!!). Don't forget to pay attention to the words (I had a hard time hearing as I was laughing and crying way too hard --so I've spent the time to actually type them up for you).

I love that the credits at the end (who wrote it, where it was recorded, who mixed it, video, producer, etc...) ends with (all script caps): SHARE THIS WITH OTHERS! Yeah, I'm sure Hillary is gonna love that.

LYRICS (no kidding):

Hillary for you and me
Bring back our Democracy
Make this country proud and free
Let's stand up for Hillary

Hillary for you and me
Bring back our Democracy
Hope from sea to shining sea
Everyone for Hillary

Fighting in a war
But we don't know what we're fighting for
In school we're testing minds
But we're leaving our children all behind

The world is getting hot
But our global warming plan is not
Our goals are out of range
So we know it's time for a change


Now Hillary will fight
For what we all know is right
Her experience is great
Instead of war we can negotiate

Education health and world affairs
Hillary is the one who cares
This sleigh knows how to lead
In this President's race he will succeed

[[who in the hell came up with that last gem?]]


Thanks to Amy (phnx0221) from Digg for pointing out this post on the Viral Politics website.


Michael said...

holy crap thats awesome. But i couldn't get through more than half of it... I don't really like the taste of bile in the morning.

"The world is getting hot
But our global warming plan is not"


Troy said...

That was, indeed, awesome.

However, don't. EVER. compare comic readers to anything like that again.

I got your flava for you, alright...

(God damn it, I've already got that stupid tune stuck in my head.)