Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Grey day, but the light's still good.

Well, we wrapped after 3am last night and didn't get back to the apartment until after 4. We were back up and at 'em this morning at 9am. That combined with sleeping on a couch and holding my hands above my head all day makes for many an ache and pain. Ugh.

But the footage is GORGEOUS. Last night was the first time we shot with the night city in the background. It's sooooo cool looking. The sunset stuff before that was really nice as well. The light in this loft is just fantastic.

Yesterday my cousins Mikey and Drew lent a hand. It was great seeing them and having them on set. Mikey's a veteran to the industry (after only a couple years of living out here), and Drew got to experience a set for the first time. He's a track coach at Loyala Marymount, but he made a fantastic grip as you can see from the photos.

I can't believe how loud these damn busses are. I realized that there's a stop right in front of our window. That makes for some fun sound situations. We'll see how that goes in post.

We're light on crew today, so I'm moving up from sound guy to camera man (ooooooh!).

Don't forget, you can check the picture updates as I post them over here.

In closing, I'll leave you with a picture of the shirt I wore yesterday. Mo and McClintock each stated: "That is the coolest shirt ever." So this one's for you, Dave (thanks for the shirt!).

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