Monday, June 23, 2008

CookiePie Makes Me Happy

what's playing: "The Visitor" by Dan Beahm and The Invisible Three (narcissism rules!)

Lifehacker RSS fed me news this morning that has made me happy all day.

CookiePie is a really stupid name for a really great Firefox plug-in from a company called Nektra that allows you to log into the same site multiple times using different profiles. In other words, I can now log in to ALL my MySpace artist pages in one browser! The program uses multiple cookie caches so that you can use tabs for mutliple log-in instances. Use it for multiple Facebook profiles, Gmail accounts, Flickr pages, etc. Very cool. The program seems rife for hacking opportunities, but what are you gonna do (Mike D, can you look into this)?

While creating this post, I revisited the site, and noted that Nektra has an AKA for CookiePie... "ChocoTorta" (no kidding). Yeah... that's waaaaay better.

Oh, and this morning Lifehacker also let me know that in Firefox 3, the fullscreen F11 toggle is actually FULL screen (try it!).

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