Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Hillary Clinton is Officially Insane

Tonight Obama clinched the number of delegates required to claim the Democratic nomination.

However, Hillary Clinton addressed her fans in New York to state that she would not make her "decision" tonight, that instead she would consult with her people to decide what to do next.

How about letting your party get on with winning the Presidency, you nut?

I would urge you to watch her speech to realize how conniving this person is. While I admit that this might be considered "typical" presidential behaviour, it is exactly the type of thing that Obama is speaking out against (crap politics instead of doing what is right for the people of America).

ps I'm still trying to figure out how she thinks she won a state (MI) that Obama did not even run in. A state that officially was not even authorized to hold a freaking election. Hilarious.


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