Monday, June 23, 2008

John McCain, Self-Proclaimed Environmentalist, Calls for Off-Shore (California) Oil Drilling

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They've started running these "John McCain stood up to the President for the environment five years ago" ads in Colorado. Maybe they're running them in your state too (since Republicans are now fighting for states they've never had to throw cash at --incidentally my favorite headline this week).

I'm wondering what exactly he did --scold George W. for not recycling his Dr. Pepper can?

These ads only make me realize that John McCain is even more of a shady liar than I thought.

Just last week McCain called for a lift of the 27 year old moratorium on US off-shore oil drilling. Yes, he thinks the solution to our oil problem is drilling for more oil off California. Not only is it wildly irresponsible, it's point blank stupid. The solution is creating an alternative, not trying to find more oil. Any third grader could tell you that. And if you just want to make trucks go (without much regard to environmental impact) we have the technology NOW. You can make diesel from just about ANYTHING.


Here are just a few credible sources on the subject:

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Rehctaw said...

I was looking for a 2-4 2sday Youtube, I came across your sweet Ramones' cover. Used it. Thanks
Nice vibe, super cello!

Now I'm streaming Amplifier. Certainly doesn't suck! Goes nicely with an ice cold beer on the veranda.

Does the Wurlitzer case look like an oversized kid's overnight case? Kinda tacky brownish burlap looking material? About 3'x4'?

If so, I schlepped one of those in and out of more dives than I care to remember. That was a piece of cake. It was the Hammond B-3 and Leslie 147 that aged me.

Roadying isn't easy! But it sure was fun.

Nice to hear somebody who has their music and politics solid.