Thursday, March 12, 2009

Move Opera Mobile cache to "My Storage"

This tip has of course been added to the main Omnia how to post.

Here's a great little trick to free up some device storage from xsrx over on the Modaco forums:

Something not mentioned, but that I assume is a good idea: clear your old cache first. Open Opera, click the little arrow in the bottom right, go to History, click the trash can and affirm that you want to delete all. If you don't do this first, you'll need to delete stuff from your old cache folder at Application Data\Opera9\cache. Now...
  • Close Opera.
  • Create a folder on your storage card where the cache files will go. I chose \Storage Card\Program Files\Opera\cache4, but I don't think the folder structure or folder name matter.
  • Open \Application Data\Opera\opera.ini in a text editor. [note: this directory was "opera9" not "opera" on my phone; "opera" is just help and skins]
  • In the [User Prefs] section, add the following line: Cache Directory4=[full path to folder on storage card].
  • Save and close opera.ini.
  • Restart Opera. Your cache is now being written to your storage card.
Here is an incredibly helpful post from Downloadsquad on some other really useful Opera Mobile tweaks. For instance, it shows you how to change your default Download directory, which I did. You can also move help files, etc... to My Storage to free up even more space.


Unknown said...

I don't have a text editor on my Omnia to open the Opera.ini file. Even if I open Word, OneNote mobile or Notes, there is no way to do a File | Open command. How do I edit the .ini file? I can't even open it from File Explorer because there is no application associated with that type of file.

Anonymous said...

Another, perhaps better way to this and other settings is to use opera:config in the address bar. That will let you get to many settings.

(The CacheDirectory4 is under the User Prefs group.)


Anonymous said...

beware that if you run light on battery and it drops your storage card opera will create a new file folder called storage card and windows will then reassign your real removable card at storage card 2. which many times is a pain to pull your sd card and then delete the fake card and reinstall the sd card. and... it always happens when your doing something important......

ARPcPro said...

The easy way:

open up opera type in "opera:config"
then open up "user prefs", under "cache directory" type in \Internal Storage\temp\Opera