Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Portable Minority Report Device is REAL!

The future is now... well, maybe for mass-consumption in a couple of years. But the future is at least being demoed now!

Check out this video of a presentation by Pattie Maes and Pranav Mistry demoing a device she calls "The Sixth Sense" at TED.

It's basically a portable version of the ultra-cool device that Tom Cruise used in Minority Report... except it's actually waaay cooler, and... REAL!

The video was sent to me by my buddy, Mike D. He found it on the TED website in an article touting the device as "game-changing wearable tech."

"Game" changing?! How about life changing? How about society changing.

This thing has all kinds of crazy potential. And while pico projectors are already astounding me, as they get smaller and smaller, this device will be incredibly convenient when it can simply be embedded into a pair of glasses.


Yea, science!


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