Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The good people of Salina, KS

After last night's show, I can only hope that all of people of Salina, KS, are as good a folk as the people who populated the audience... a fine breed indeed. I felt like I was back in Indiana -so much warmth and generosity.

When we arrived at the venue (111 Ultra Lounge), I was a little worried by the lack of sound, which is to say that there was no PA. The issue was quickly resolved with a trip to the establishment's basement. "Should we call somebody to make sure it's OK to use this stuff?" I asked the bartender. So special thanks go out to Rich for letting me use his personal PA.

Extra-special thanks to John as well, for making sure there was a full house. It would have been an entirely different show had he not brought along so many people. Thanks so much, John. Hopefully we'll get to see you again soon. (John also negotiated the work for the show flier created by Jordan --so thanks again to John and also to Jordan).

So many new friends (that felt like family); I can't wait to get back to Salina for another show!


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