Thursday, July 31, 2008

Wake Up, America; Oil Is NOT the Answer

The recent negative ad campaigns run by McCain in Colorado (and I assume the rest of the United States) point out that Obama would prefer to keep "relying on foreign oil" rather than drill in Alaska and off the shore of California. They say that as if it's a bad thing, and people are buying into the idea because the McCain camp is emphasizing "foreign oil." The thing that should be stressed about the whole "oil argument" should be getting away from oil altogether. Obama doesn't feel we need to drill in Alaska and California (thank god), because he's willing to look at realistic and viable alternative energy sources for the near future.

We don't need more oil, people.

The problem is that until oil is completely unaffordable, no one will realistically start considering the alternatives. "Putting off until tomorrow" has become the American way! Until it's so bad that it actually causes people's lives to be disrupted (in a more drastic way than choosing a closer family vacation spot), the average American will not demand the change (regarding energy) that we so badly need.

Until people really can't fill up at the pump, nothing will change.

Yes gas is four times what it was ten years ago, but it's still not stopping people from buying and driving cars that only get 25 miles to the gallon (as if that's a great and efficient number) or less.

Another crazy thing to consider, and I don't understand why every single American isn't OUTRAGED by this, is that last week Exxon hit an all time profit high. They are making, get this, $90,000 a minute! (as reported this morning by The New York Times) For the second quarter, income rose 14%, to $11.68 billion.

The richest regime in the world is not going to let their empire dwindle and fade; they are going to do everything in their power to make America believe that we can't live without oil. They are going to fight for continued dependence upon the thing that is making them incredibly rich. Their massive amounts of money give them immense power, enough power to successfully deceive an entire nation! And the people are allowing it by buying into this incredibly nonsensical idea that we can't live without oil.

The people of the United States are being duped into the idea that it would be better to continue to find and use oil, all the while making a very few very rich, instead of simply moving to another (renewable) source (and *bonus* doing what's better for the planet in the process).

Why can't people see that even if we "got more oil," it's only postponing a major, major problem? It's still going to run out. Whether it's us or our kids, somebody's got to address the situation, and it's incredibly disappointing that the majority is willing to pawn this HUGE problem off on our children.

Even more disappointing is that there's a giant constituent out there (hopefully not the majority) that is willing to say, "Yes, this is how we believe and this is how we want the country run, by rich men who are willing to pawn these, admittedly rectifiable, major problems off on our children so we can have one more decade to rape the earth and be "rich."

Sadder still is that a large portion of those people think they are doing "what God wants" by voting for this regime... but that's another story.

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