Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Omnia i910 :: camera panorama feature

Alright, I don't usually get too excited about "secondary" features of devices, but the camera on this Omnia is kick ass.

Right now I'm playing with the "panorama" feature. Unfortunately, it seems to only work in "320x240" mode, so it's really just the same as cropping a full size (2560x1920) photo into a panorama, but how it works is so cool.

You simply turn on the panorama mode, hold down the shutter button until the photo "begins," then move the camera to the right or left. The camera automatically takes a new frame "when the time comes" (up to eight frames total), you press the shutter button again, and then the camera/phone automatically patches them together into a panoramic photo. The above photo is a 4 frame photo of my yard (and the awesome mountains I look at every day --woo-hoo!).

Very cool.

If the software works to actually patch the frames together (which apparently it does), I'm not sure why they have to limit the frames to 320x240; maybe they'll bump this up in future firmware releases to make higher resolution panoramic photos possible.

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