Monday, October 12, 2009

Adobe Help and Support

I have honestly never encountered a "support" site as worthless as Adobe's. I have always thought this. It's unbelievable that a company who makes such fantastic products could make such a mind-bogglingly awful website.

It's INCREDIBLY slow, it takes like 20 or 30 seconds before the "comments" portion of the page in the help/manual section even shows up (you have to just sit on the page and wait), often when you post something it's dubbed a "question" and removed (hilarious), and the site or various elements thereof is often down for maintenance (right now the site has a notice saying customer help won't be available from Friday, Oct. 9th to Wed., Oct. 14th --that's a LONG freaking time).

My problem today is that I have a sequence in Premiere Pro CS4 who's clips are not associated with any files in the Project Window (bins). This is problematic (not to mention it shouldn't even be possible), as I do not know where the files being referenced by the sequence are located (so I can edit RED file color, temperature, tint, etc. using "Source Settings"). I know where they are on my hard drive, but I have no way of clicking on them from within Premiere to make adjustments to the files.

There is no information regarding this issue on the website or in the forums. I posted the problem as a comment in the "help/manual" portion of the site, and I received an e-mail stating the comment had been removed because it's a question. Well... I'm betting this happens to other people, and I'm betting it would be extremely helpful to have the issue documented on the page that they will go to to try and find a solution to their problem (especially since there is no other page referencing the problem).

So WTF, Adobe?



Linda Nelson said...

You can bring up the source settings by right clicking on the clip in the timeline and choosing "Reveal in Project". The file will then be highlighted in the project panel. Then you can right click on the file icon and "Edit source settings" dialogue box will come up and you can play till your hearts content. By the way, what feature are you working on?

The Invisible said...

Right. This is what SHOULD happen. But in this particular project, "reveal in project" reveals... absolutely nothing. I'm not sure how it's even possible, but it is the case.

Word of warning: be careful how you import/copy clips between project files, etc.

The feature is called Leading Ladies. Hope to get to more of your comments soon.