Saturday, September 14, 2013 is Failing

I used to buy most of my computer stuff on, but as of late, mostly everything comes from Amazon.  At first this was because I signed up for a Prime membership and all my shipping was free, but now it’s mostly for price and selection (everything available on NewEgg is on Amazon, and usually at a lower price –with free shipping to boot).

Add to that that Newegg has started utilizing “click here to be sent an e-mail containing the price of this item” listings, and it’s just NOT worth my time to even LOOK at  What in the WORLD?!  It’s a stupid idea, and when the prices are STILL higher than Amazon and I STILL have to pay shipping from NewEgg, why would I bother with NewEgg?

For instance: I’m getting ready to purchase a Samsung 840 SSD for my system OS.  The price on Amazon is $225 (free shipping with my Prime account).  I checked out Newegg just to make sure, and had to fill this out and check my e-mail TO EVEN SEE A PRICE!


On top of the inconvenience, the price is actually $25 more than Amazon, and I am also stuck paying shipping!  Massive fail,

Newegg has a new membership “free shipping” program like Amazon Prime, but why would I sign up for free shipping on NewEgg at the same price as Amazon when my membership at Amazon has SO MUCH MORE available (not to mention all the Prime Video Streaming available with the Amazon Prime program)?

I realize this is an example of a HUGE company crushing the competition and removing competition from the consumer which could eventually adversely affect the prices and services I see, but NewEgg needs to find a better way to compete with Amazon, because this certainly IS NOT IT.

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Anonymous said...

What you say doesn't mean Newegg is failing, it just means they have failed you (and many others.) I hate that they sell open box items as being new items. That is fraud