Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Verizon Has Been Calling Me Twice a Day for More Than a Month

I have been getting calls from the same number (several numbers, actually, in New York and in Boston) at least two times a day for more than a month.

Here are some of the numbers from my call log:

617-342-0412 (Boston, MA)
508-884-1230 (Massachusetts)
617-878-1158 (Boston, MA)
917-779-2500 (New York) –this one calls A LOT
508-884-1808 (Massachusetts)

(there are many more numbers, presumably from this company’s call bank, but I’m not going to type them all out)

When I finally answered this morning (because the call was at SIX THIRTY IN THE MORNING my time and I wanted the calls to STOP), the ultra-rude guy on the other end told me he was from Verizon.

He insisted that I had placed some weird technical order with their business services.  I explained that he was calling someone’s personal cell phone, and I had no idea what he was talking about.  He further insisted that this was the correct number (a number I’ve been using for around 15 years), and started yelling at me (yes, yelling) when I got upset that he wouldn’t stop calling.

I have received 6 more calls today.  Every single person I have spoken to has been extremely rude when I asked to stop being called.  Things like, “Well this is the number on the order.”  To which I respond, “well I’ve explained to every single person who’s called me that this is my personal cell phone, I have no idea what you are talking about, and everyone keeps promising me that I won’t receive calls for this order at this number any more.”

One of the calls was a restricted line, and a guy actually left a message stating: “C order 6B256544 if this is the correct number for the circuit you can call us at 800-891-0301 option 8, 3, and 1.” I called this number and spent about fifteen minutes on hold and being routed around the system before I gave up.

The last guy told me that if an order has a phone number on it with “their company,” I will continue to receive calls until the order is fulfilled or resolved.  I explained that the number on the order is wrong, and he said there was nothing he could do about it; that he couldn’t change the number on the order.  “So I’m just going to keep receiving calls forever?”  “That’s not what I said!” he replied in a heated tone.  “But you did say the number on the order couldn’t be changed, so I will continue to receive calls, right?”  “Correct.”

I asked to speak to his supervisor.

He gave me the name Tanya Barnett and a number of 617-342-0412.  This number is the general number to get into Verizon’s voice mail system (to get into the system, not to get to a person).  Therefore, he gave me a number for no one.

This is EXTREMELY annoying, but I have no recourse, because there is no one to contact about the issue, and the people who are calling are extremely rude, don’t care what is happening, and obviously have NO intention of fixing the situation.

Hopefully creating this blog post will either bring the issue to someone’s attention, or people having a similar issue will post in the comments when searching the number that keeps calling them so we can get to the bottom of this intrusive and disrespectful situation that Verizon is creating.

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