Sunday, October 19, 2014

OEC Micro Ball Head Camera Mount (review)

315cGos81dLThis is the same micro ball head that came with my field monitor. I needed another one to mount my H4N sound recorder to my camera rig, so about two weeks ago, as an experiment, I purchased a slightly more expensive micro ball head, the name brand Giotto Professional Mini Ball Head Camera Mount.

The Giotto MH1004 is $12 on Amazon. The Giotto MH1304-110C is a little more expensive at $18, but also claims a 3 pound greater load capacity (7lbs. vs. 4lbs.). Neither of the Giotto units is as good as the OEC one in my opinion, and the OEC is only $9.

The two Giottos do not come with the hot shoe bolt and lock nut. The Giottos also utilize a *plastic* lock nut for the top nut (the one on the ball head), and in addition to the material being sub-bar, the plastic nut is too thick (it doesn't leave enough threaded rod exposed).

The OEC is all metal. It comes with a hot shoe bolt and metal lock nut. The top lock nut is metal with a rubber face. It also comes with a hex head male/male 1/4" 20 bolt (a tiny threaded rod)and allen wrench that can be used with a cheeseplate or any other 1/4" hole.
The base of the OEC is only around 3mm taller than the Giotto, so the height clearance is pretty much identical.

I can't imagine choosing the more expensive option when the less expensive one is actually *better.* After receiving the Giotto, I actually went back online and purchased another one of these OEC Micro Ball Heads.

Do not confuse this item with the $7 Neewer Black Ball Head for DSLR Camera Tripod Ballhead Stand (type I).  That thing is a piece of junk.  The top lock nut is plastic, the side knob is feeble plastic, and it lacks the hot shoe bolt/lock nut and male/male 1/4” hex bolt and wrench that come with the OEC.

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