Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Hearing Obama Speak (reflecting this evening)

I can't seem to find numbers for the event this morning, but the auditorium holds 9,000, there was a gymnasium filled to capacity with overflow (us), and then a throng that listened to the speech from the lacross field outside (!!!). All this on just a few short days notice and little to no publicity. Pretty cool.

Caroline Kennedy introduced Barack, and definitely likes this man.

He spoke about so many wonderful things. Change. Change. Change. A couple of Erika and my favorites: abolishing lobbyists, specifically mentioning the gay community, abolishing national standardized testing in schools, a $4,000 per year college credit for anybody who wants it... but you have to actually work for it in your community (hey there's a thought: make people fucking contribute to society for their wellfare check instead of just handing out money!!!!), raising teacher salaries, getting out of Iraq in a way that makes sense, restoring respect to the White House, restoring credibility to the US on an international level, abolishing tax breaks for sending jobs over seas, making it illegal to end pension plans while taking humongous bonuses, and on and on and on and on.

We are very excited about this man.

The video is pretty shakey, but hey, I was being jostled by a throng...

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Troy said...

Me too, man...this election year is just amazing. So many exciting things are going on right now. Not only do we have Barack, but we've got McCain on the Republican side, who...while he's a little too hawk-ish for my tastes...still seems to be an honest and decent guy. And the fact that he is the anti-neo conservative is just delicious.

I'm actually feeling optimistic in regards to politics for the first time in...well, ever.