Sunday, March 28, 2010

Wave Embassy Security Suite is teh total SUCK

How does this company stay in business?  Oh, wait… they’ve got a contract with DELL.  Too bad there are more complaints registered about this software on DELL’s site (and related help forums) than ANY OTHER SINGLE COMPLAINT.

When I was running XP 64-bit, my fingerprint reader worked about 80% of the time.  I upgraded to Vista and it didn’t work at all.  Months later, I upgraded to Windows 7, and it still didn’t work AT ALL.  I finally had a little spare time and decided to see if I could get my fingerprint reader to work.

I updated my drivers and updated the firmware via Dell’s Support site.

I rebooted and then opened the Wave Embassy Security Suite.  After trying to enroll my fingerprint, the software told me it would be a good idea to enable the TPM in order to enroll fingerprints.  I did so, it told me it would need to adjust the BIOS on reboot and that I should go ahead and approve the change when asked to do so.

Instead, my computer reboots into a pre-boot authentication screen asking me for a password (that I obviously never registered) so I am COMPLETELY LOCKED OUT OF MY F*CKING COMPUTER.


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