Friday, March 19, 2010

Why the United States Postal Service is Failing

usps_parcel_image Man the US Postal Service drives me nuts.  There is simply NO accountability.  If you have a complaint or if something is wrong, they just shrug and say, “Sorry, there’s nothing I can do about it.”  If you ask to talk to a supervisor, they tell you the EXACT same thing.  If you call the national customer service number at 11am on a Friday… THEY’RE CLOSED.

W. T. F.

It’s no wonder the “business” is failing.  It’s run by a bunch of idiots.  Surely the USPS is the only multi-billion dollar organization that promotes on seniority alone.  Do they not realize that you need to promote people who can actually accomplish things, not just whomever has been standing around the longest?! It freaks me out when I ask to speak to a supervisor, and some mouth-breather waddles out from the back.  I mean, this person can barely tell you what DAY it is, let alone get anything done or give you any meaningful information.

On Tuesday I paid $37 to overnight a small package to Chicago.  It was extremely urgent and important, so I used the USPS’s Express service (the only service which “guarantees” anything and actually offers real tracking --did you know that NONE of their other services offer tracking?).

Evidently the last two numbers of the zip code were mismarked.  However, the label clearly stated the BUSINESS NAME, the REST OF THE ADDRESS, and TWO TELEPHONE NUMBERS.  So first of all, if this is a premium service, why in the HELL can’t they call at least ONE of the phone numbers listed on the label before sending the package into “return to sender limbo” (more on that later).  Second of all, if you type the business name into any computer search engine (Google, Bing, Yahoo, Google Maps, Mapquest, etc.), it comes up first thing.  Third, if you type the ADRESS ON THE LABEL into any search engine, it also comes up first thing.

In other words, NO EFFORT was made to deliver the package once someone saw that the zip code was (only slightly) incorrect.

And now… the package is “unfindable.”  No one in the entire US Postal Service seems to be able to tell me where my package is.  “Well, it should be on its way back, but I can’t tell you when it will arrive.”  What the FUCK is my tracking number for and why in the HELL would they be leisurely about returning a package that was sent with what was SUPPOSED to be their fastest and only GUARANTEED service?!?!?!

</vein popping out of neck>


Anonymous said...

"Surely the USPS is the only multi-billion dollar organization that promotes on seniority alone."

See: Unions

The Invisible said...

I hear you. But the USPS is like the mother-of-all-unions.