Thursday, February 21, 2008

BAM!! ...down for the count

Well all this non-sleep finally took its toll and I caught the bug that's been going around. Yesterday on the way to the shoot I felt it hit. "Oh, crap," I said to Mo. "Get me to a drugstore, I need Airborne pronto." So he drove me to a CVS, but it was too late. Man, I got hit hard.

Luckily Shive was kind enough to tag me out last night around 10pm, so I took his car back to the appartment for some sleep. I actually got some. The throat is scratchy and the head is groggy from the Nyquill, but hopefully I'm on my way to recovery. We'll see.

Tonight I'm off, as they're shooting the "intimate" scene. I think Mo will be the only crew member on set. He'll just use boom stands to set sound.

So who knows what I'll do today. It sucks to be a thousand miles from home and just lying in bed, but that's probably what I should do. I'd really like to see some people that I don't often get to see, but I don't know if that's the best idea right now. Argh.

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