Tuesday, February 26, 2008

We'll be streaming live on Thursday!

Thanks to the magic of the internets, even those of you who can't make it to Boulder, CO, will be able to watch the show at The Laughing Goat on Thursday, February 28th at 8pm Mountain Time.

Mark your calendars and make sure your hi-speed's working!

I'll be joined by my good friend Jeff Caylor. I'll probably open up with some acoustic stuff, then Jeff will play some of his tunes, then I plan on playing some louder stuff (perhaps even revisit some old DB3 favorites) and wrap up the whole shebang with the Amplifier "hits."

Or maybe we'll get there and just play whatever feels right. Either way, tune in and see what happens.

You can find the direct linke here:

Or you can come back to this post and watch in this window.

Or you can head over to the good people at Ustream.tv and search for "Dan Beahm."

That's three ways to make sure you see the show, even if you're in Timbuktu! Rock.

For those of you who are actually coming to the show, we'll have the brand new copies of Amplifier available, fresh from the factory. You'll be the first to see them.

See you Thursday!


Dr^2 said...

It was nice to come out and hear your tunes Dan, I really enjoyed it. You have an energy and soul to your music that was quite refreshing. I dig it.

The Invisible said...

Thanks, Cassia! It was great to see you out and about.

Sorry 'bout bumping your table. [smile]

Dr^2 said...

He he! I had actually just bumped it before you and spilled Shannon's coffee (oops!). It's all good. :)

We had a very good time actually. I am glad that I got to come and check it out, I really enjoyed it. If you are playing in the area again I will have to stop by.

Glad I got to check out the rehearsal this past week too. It was the first time I have seen Erika's work. She is amazing (not that I am surprised)! I couldn't agree more with what my friend said "That woman is seriously bad__. More power to her. She's a rockstar."

It was nice to see you and Copeland out (what a nice and mellow pooch). Sorry that I was running off and didn't really get to talk. Story of my life!

Take care and be well.