Friday, September 10, 2010

Plugging in Android Device Launches Verizon Ad… EVERY TIME (fix)

I don’t know why more fuss hasn’t been made about the fact that Verizon has loaded up devices updated to Froyo with adware.  I was excited when my Droid Incredible updated to Froyo, but now every time I plug my device into my laptop, I’m asked if I want to install Verizon’s crappy media software, AND I’m taken to the Verizon VCast website, where a lengthy advertisement plays.


The fix is also surprisingly hidden, but here is how you turn off the Verizon ad pop-up when you plug in your Android device (disable VCast launch):

  • Dial ##7764726
  • Hit Call
  • Type Password is 000000
  • Hit Feature Settings
  • Choose CD ROM
  • Click Disable
  • Hit menu, commit modifications (it will say no item changed)
  • Back out to home

For some reason, when I try the above, my keyboard won’t work and thus I cannot enter the password.  So, I tried the following method that another kind soul suggested:

What I found with this is that when the dialog to install the software is up if you check windows device manager you will see another cd drive.  if you right click that drive for the properties you can disable it so on future usb connections the software will not try to load.  This way you do not have to disable auto start for everything on the PC. –MrElk, Verizon Wireless Droid Community Forums

The above method definitely worked, but realize that you need to enter your Windows Device Manager WHILE the pop-up dialogue is open (once you dismiss the dialogue, the drive disappears from the Device Manager).  After restarting my computer, the phone still opens the windows “auto play” dialogue (which I want), but does NOT activate the VCast pop up or spawn a browser window with the VCast ad.

I also found this extremely interesting:

BTW: I contacted VZW through this site, about the pop-up and they said there was no way to disable it; that it would cease if I downloaded the software.  I gave that a shot even though I wasn't going to use it. Of course, after its downloaded, it starts up when you plug the phone in!!! –Jeff1953, Verizon Wireless Droid Community Forums

Isn’t it awesome that Verizon is LYING to their customers (as if the adware wasn’t heinous enough).


Anonymous said...

Thanks - your first set of instructions worked perfectly for me (and I also have the Droid Incredible).

I was extremely annoyed that VZ installed this crapware with the 2.2 update and thought I was going to have to root my phone.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, this was driving me nuts.

Worked just like it should have on an HTC Incredible.

The Invisible said...

Glad it helped! I still can't figure out why the number pad that pops up inside a call (different than the regular phone number pad) isn't working for me. Good thing the other method worked. I guess that'll eventually be another post.

Unknown said...

Unfortunately, Verizon must have figured out that people figured out this fix and now when you call you get the "sorry this number has been disconnected" message. Any other suggestions at how to fix this problem? It's really annoying...

The Invisible said...

@Dolce Canto... please read the rest of the thread. It's all about a different way to solve this problem.

Anonymous said...

Thanks soooo much, man. This has been bugging me from day one. Love sticking it to the man! Take your crap adware and shove it!

Anonymous said...

Awesome... thank you. This caused me so much pain.

Anonymous said...

You are awesome. Thank you.